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The Truth About Mattresses

November 02, 2017

The Truth About Mattresses

The Local Mattress Scene

Buying a mattress over the years has become harder and harder. Atypical visit to an Expo fair or a Furniture Mall will have more than 20 something brand retailers touting their goods. Each retailer brand will be claiming to be the best. These brands include the most well known ones and offering discounts of up to 50% or more.

The reality is that 99% of all mattresses are now a commodity. The technology in a spring or foam mattress has not changed much in the last 50 years. The pocketed spring was commercialized in the 1920's and memory foam in the 1950's. Retailers and manufacturers have just amplified their hype machine.

New brands claiming to sell mid to high end mattresses keep popping out faster than mushrooms from dead logs. They pretty up the mattresses by making them thicker, covering them with "nice" looking fabrics and fancy labels, rehashing old technologies into new ones by giving them fancy sounding names justified by the addition of a couple of bells and whistles. Strip these niceties and the manufacturing costs drop by 20-40%. A nice bed sheet and these expensive embellishments get covered up. 

The typical markup of mattresses at these fairs and Furniture Malls are 5-20 times that of manufacturing cost. The high margin is used to cover expensive showrooms, exposition rentals, obscene advertising costs, large inventories, warehousing and commissions of high powered salesmen with a gift of the gap. 

Most of these brands import their goods from China, Malaysia or Indonesia (Batam). The mattresses arrive in containers and trucks (Malaysia) in bulk and then warehoused. 80% of the Stock is cleared within 3 months. The rest is cleared within a year. Some smaller factories make mattresses on demand but costs are very much higher.

Mattress showrooms tend to be large. This is inevitable. This translates to expensive rent and products that then require higher margins.   

What you buy in the competitor's showroom may not be what you get. Most customers test the product they buy in the showroom for less than 30 minutes. The human body cannot remember the feeling in such a short time. Furthermore the feeling is enhanced by the psycho babble of a hardcore salesman.

Most Singapore homes, especially bedrooms, have hardwood or laminate floors or ceramic tiles. In the bedroom Mattresses become Natural dust/dirt collectors. It is impossible to clean the inside of the mattress. It is therefore recommended that ALL mattresses be replaced after 5-10 years of use especially in our humid conditions. Our lower cost mattresses make this a less painful affair.  

In the end it is the customer who gets to pay much more than he should through no fault of the retailer.  


Best Value Guaranteed by

We guarantee our mattresses to be the best value. Our markup is minimal without compromising the quality materials.

Go to any big box type store with multiple brands and hundreds of mattresses or any similarly reputable retailer and compare similarly spec'ed products. Nothing comes close. Major retailers demand margins close to 50% of retail price including contributions to advertising funds with manufacturers having to provide additional promoters. Selling prices are close to 3-4 of actual manufacturing cost. 

Our products  are mostly less than half the price of our closest competitors. Mainstream competitors are four times higher at least.

How do we do it?

  1. We have no chain of showrooms to maintain. We have only one.
  2. Our manufacturing is mostly automated.
  3. No expensive salesmen to upkeep. Mostly we sell online.
  4. We have lower returns because of our high quality.
  5. Our mattress are compressed. This reduces transport cost from factory to your home by 4 times.




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